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Sonic Electric Toothbrush For Kids’s unique technology protects dental health

1.The working principle of acoustic technology:
Vibration frequency: Through high-frequency sonic vibration, Sonic Electric Toothbrush For Kids can produce diffused and green brushing moves to quickly and efficiently take away dirt on the tooth floor and between the tooth.
Cleaning intensity: The gain of sonic technology is that it can penetrate into small gaps between enamel, easy regions that are hard to attain with normal toothbrushes, and offer complete oral cleansing.
2.Details of the smart sensing gadget:
Posture tracking: Built-in sensors can reveal kid's brushing posture in actual time to ensure suitable cleaning strain is carried out between enamel and gums.
Vibration adjustment: Based on the detected posture, the clever sensing device adjusts the vibration intensity to avoid applying excessive pressure to touchy regions and decrease soreness at some point of brushing.
3.Special functions of brush head design:
Food-grade silicone cloth: The brush head is manufactured from meals-grade silicone, that's secure and dependable and does not contain dangerous materials, making sure children's oral hygiene while brushing their tooth.
Sharp nook layout: The compact sharp corner design facilitates smooth every teeth extra as it should be, particularly the lower back and hard-to-reach areas, improving brushing coverage.
4.Convenience of detachable cleaning layout:
Easy to easy: The removable layout makes the toothbrush head and cope with clean to split, making it smooth to completely smooth, prevent bacterial growth, and preserve oral hygiene.
Replacement cycle: The easy-to-update layout ensures the powerful existence of the bristles, retaining the cleanliness and combing effect of the bristles.
5.Function information of smart timer:
Set brushing time: The clever timer can set the brushing time to ensure that children brush their teeth flippantly and absolutely on every occasion, and broaden excellent brushing habits.
Automatically forestall vibrating: After accomplishing the set time, the toothbrush mechanically stops vibrating to remind youngsters to finish brushing and avoid immoderate brushing.
The description of these technical details highlights the high sophistication in layout and function of the Sonic Electric Toothbrush For Kids, imparting children with a safe, smart, and green oral cleansing tool.

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