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How Does The Electric Toothbrush Work?

Since people pay more attention to oral care, more toothbrush companies have emerged with different toothbrush sales. As the name suggests, the electric toothbrush uses the automated motion of the head of the brush in order to clean teeth and remove any microbes. It isn't necessary to press hard and hold the brush head in place for a few seconds against each tooth. This totals to at least two minutes of brushing.

Many electric toothbrushes are battery powered and have charge level indicator lights. Not only that, electric toothbrushes usually include a removable brush head, circuit, rechargeable battery, charging station, a cam and gear, as well as a small motor with an on/off switch.

Depending on the technology and design, electrical toothbrushes often possess several motions and speeds. This can be extremely helpful for people with decreased manual dexterity.

Classification based on the motion of the brush: Vibratory motion Rotatory motion Classification based on the speed of the brush: Sonic Ultrasonic

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